Project Based

  • An easy option which you may chose when the project requirements and timelines are clear.

  • Our defined processes for this model ensure you get your high quality projects delivered on time and on budget.


Effort Based

  • In this model, the pricing mainly depends on the execution time and the number of resources deployed.

  • This model is effective when the project requirements are dynamic and are prone to change during the course of the project.

  • Thus, it gives you the flexibility to change as per market needs without having to hire more resources.

Milestone Based

  • What you see is what you get. Yes!

  • We together define milestones during the entire course of the project and you pay based on the successful completion of those milestones. We like keeping it simple!

Dedicated Development Centre

  • This centre is an extension of your own engineering/development centre. Through this we offer you the required best skillsets, resources and accelerate your time to market for a specific project.

  • Our professionals follow a client-specific process and are trained for specific requirements from the client.

  • It is an ideal model for clients who need continuous off shore support and specific resources for the same.