We are a team of highly focussed specialists who are governed by client-centered principles. Our mission is to help create a technologically advanced marketplace and bring convenience to the end users.

We understand the budget constraints you might have but we believe that is not a reason to compromise on quality. We deliver guaranteed results. With us, there’s no looking back.


You pay for what you 

We understand you want to scale, and we acknowledge that it is an expensive process. With Shariwaa, your expenses are limited to what you have asked for, not a cent more.


You get a custom-built dynamite work force

With a 5% acceptance rate and rigorous screening process, you can rest assured knowing we have picked the very best on your behalf.


You don’t need to spend time managing people

Not only do we provide great talent, but we do it in the most cost-effective way possible.


You know what’s 
going on

We work with some of the best Subject Matter Experts who will lead an immensely effective team at a fraction of the cost. Your requirements are in enormously capable hands.


You decide, we execute

You want to increase your team size? You want to increase the scope of work? You want to extend the contract? Just let us know and it will be done in snap.